You are a laptop loafer hogging all the power sockets in the famous coffee shop.

You goal is to stay in the coffee shop as long as possible and keep working on your laptop and earning money.

The rules are many but quite simple.

1. You must keep buying coffee or else staff will throw you out (Press Q)
2. Buying coffee requires money. If you run out of money, its Game over. You can earn money by working on your laptop (Pressing space after sitting on a seat)
4. You can only work after sitting on a seat. (Click on an empty seat to occupy)
5. To order a coffee you have to leave your seat a go to the counter. (Press Q) but beware someone else will take your seat. So find another one quickly
5. Working on your laptop drains battery if you are not sitting on a powered seat. If your battery is dead, its Game over

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